Artistic Denim Mills is a vertically integrated, family-owned company
rooted in sustainable innovation and ethical production from fiber to finished garment.

30 Years of Innovation

The vertically integrated factory has four key sectors:
Recycling, spinning, weaving and finished garments.
Each facility is designed to optimize water &
energy consumption and minimize chemical & carbon impact.

By leveraging a powerful vertical supply chain,
Artistic Denim Mills is able to deliver
high quality sustainable denim at short lead times at a
competitive price and minimal environmental impact.


Fiber and Yarn

Fiber & Yarn

Our best-in-class recycling facility offers a high quality recycled cotton fiber. We combine the resulting fiber with other eco-minded fibers for a superior, low-impact yarn.

Weaving and Spinning

Weaving & Spinning

Our state-of-the-art spinning and weaving facility offers a wide range of fabric technologies while being environmentally conscious.

Dyeing and Finishing

Cutting & Sewing

Blending technology and highly trained stitchers to deliver elevated quality in cutting and stitching in a fair, safe facility.

Cutting and Sewing

Dyeing & Finishing

Our dedicated denim experts bring life to raw garments through specialized processes and innovative treatments that minimize energy and water consumption.


By overseeing the process from fiber to finished garment,
we offer traceable and scalable solutions that minimize environment impact without compromising on quality.
ADM is fully compliant with international social, ethical and environmental standards.