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ADM ProModal® Fabrics

A good blend

ProModal® innovation comprises the branded fibers Lenzing Modal® and TENCEL®. Both fibres have established themselves very well in the textile market. Lenzing Modal® is used by many brand manufacturers to make textiles particularly pleasant to wear and exceptionally soft.

TENCEL® is known as a natural functional fiber. The particularly good moisture absorption coupled with skin-sensitive properties make this special fiber attractive for many fields of application such as activewear, clothing for sensitive skin and home textiles such as bed wear.

The best of two worlds

A powerful combination

ProModal® is truly a perfect combination. The exceptional softness of Lenzing Modal® and agreeable high performance of TENCEL® make ProModal® a multi-talented fiber. When adding TENCEL® to Lenzing Modal® the absorptive power rises significantly. This is only one of many advantages.

Blend advantages at a glance

  • Natural softening agent
  • Long-lasting softness even after
  • repeated washing
  • Perfect blending partner for cotton – tone-in-tone dyeing
  • Brilliant colours
  • Optimum moisture management
  • Climate regulation
  • Smooth fiber structure helps to avoid skin irritations
  • Reduced growth of bacteria
  • High fiber tenacity

A miracle from the world of plants

Botanic - The basic principle

With ProModal® you can feel right away that the fiber blend comes from Nature. It makes sense because botanic principles are applied throughout its production process. Thus, there is naturalness in every textile of ProModal®. The basic botanic principle – photosynthesis – forms the basis of ProModal®. Wood, the raw material used for ProModal®, can only form as a result of photosynthesis.

Eco-compatibility across the board

ProModal® offers a variety of special features! One example is the complete integration of the production process which is totally unparalleled. Lenzing Modal® is manufactured from indigenous beech wood. The pulp used is produced at Lenzing.

ProModal® for the sake of the environment

ProModal® consistent with nature

The world in which we live
Unlike cotton, Lenzing fibers have very little impact on the human environment.

Fiber Yield
The yield of Lenzing fibers is up to six times higher than that of cotton.

Responsible treatment of the land
Timber from sustainably grown forest plantations is used for Lenzing fibers. This means that the land could not have been used for any other purpose. Cotton, on the other hand, requires agricultural land.

Water is life
Cotton needs up to 10-20 times more water than Lenzing fibers.

ADM ProModal® fabrics are available in weights from 8 oz to 11 oz in variety of weaves using cotton, Lycra, Dual FX and XFIT yarns in weft. For yardages, please email at [email protected]