ہم دنیا میں پریمیم ڈینم فیبرک اور گارمنٹس کے صف اول کے سپلائر ہیں۔

Fit is the most imperative aspect for consumers when buying a pair of jeans. Women's around the globe has been persistently searching for their perfect fit from array of denim brands but it is a trade and consumer dilemma that fabrics which has high stretch often has poor fit, in results brands are loosing their loyal followings and identity.

To fill this vacuum, ADM is providing market solutions to brands, retailers and consumers by offering LYCRA® dualFX™ fabric. LYCRA® dualFX™ fabric is a combination of LYCRA® fiber for high stretch and LYCRA® T400® fiber for high recovery. ADM fabrics with LYCRA® dualFX™ fabric technology can increase the brand equity and loyal followers of brands and retailers using this exciting technology.

Features of ADM LYCRA® dualFX™ fabrics:

  • High Stretch
  • High Recovery
  • Low growth
  • Excellent dimensional stability