ADM | Recover

What Happened To That Old Denim Jacket You Grew Out Of?
Sadly, It Probably Ended Up In A Landfill.
While 95% Of Old Clothes Could Be Recycled, Only 15% Are.

To solve that problem, we’ve partnered with Recover, a leading materials science
company that transforms waste into sustainable recycled fibers, closing the loop.
We utilize post-industrial and post-consumer waste from all over the world,
and turn them into low impact, high quality recycled cotton fiber that can
effortlessly be woven into new yarn.

According to the Higg MSI, Recover recycled cotton fiber is
markedly better for the environment than conventional cotton,
and even organic cotton.

Recycled Water

Recycled Water

We treat and recycle 98% of the water we use in our
in-house water treatment plant. That equals
2700 gallons per day, over 80,000 gallons a month, or
over 1 million gallons a year.


Solar energy

Our solar panels generate 200 kilowatts of power, in
conjunction with our self-power energy generation capacity
of 15 megawatts.

Certified cotton

In addition to our Recover recycled cotton, we use cotton
certifiedfrom the Better Cotton Institute (BCI) and Cotton USA.
This provides us supply chain traceability to ensure our cotton
meets social, ethical and environmental standards that
protect and promote the livelihood of cotton farming communities.


Our eco-minded fiber range includes Tencel Lyocell,
Modal, and EcoveraTM. They are soft to touch, temperature
regulating, and require less water in the production process,
all while being produced in a closed loop system. Additionally,
we offer LycraTM EcoMade fiber for the classNameic high stretch,
high retention hold with a lower environmental impact.

Laser and ozone

Waterless and water minimizing technologies like
Laser and Ozone, powered by Jeanologia, create
dimension and character with a dramatically lower footprint
than traditional washing techniques.

Green Chemicals

Our chemical management system is certified by ZDHC
in accordance to their Road Map to Zero guidelines,
ensuring ethical and safe processes that eliminate harmful chemicals
from the supply chain process. We are also Cradle2Cradle certified,
meeting their requirements across five sustainability performance
metrics in safety, circularity, and responsibility of materials & products.


By overseeing the process from fiber to finished garment,
we offer traceable and scalable solutions that minimize environment impact without compromising on quality.
ADM is fully compliant with international social, ethical and environmental standards.